Every Day Is Like a Monet Painting

I shared a photo a friend took near Frankfort the other day. The photo struck me in its resemblance to work of Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Although I made the comparison, I had honestly not seen his work for some time. I was not 100% sure on this claim. So I decided to pull up some of Monet’s work and was relieved and pleasantly surprised at the similarities. My memory had not, in fact, failed me this time. What Monet was able to capture, and what draws us all to a lake or coastline, is all the same thing. It is the mood. These places help us reset, and find peace. I have heard stories about people who had never seen the ocean, breaking down crying when seeing it for the first time. It’s a powerful thing which needs no explanation, but it is fun to step back and sometimes ponder why. Painters and other artists have been drawn to Northern Michigan for a long time. After spending more time here, it is not hard to understand why. The beauty and mystery are ever present. If you have an artistic bone in your body, you will likely find it nagging you to exercise it. Perhaps it’s all a siren’s call. If so, it is worth the risk. 


“Path at La Cavee, Pourville” (1882) by Claude Monet

Artwork by Gretchen Knoblock


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