Three Awesome Homegrown Michigan Paddleboard Companies

It should not be a surprise that Michigan is the home to a number of top-notch stand-up paddleboard (SUP) companies. Each company in this article has excelled in their own unique niche. From high-tech to all-natural materials, to all-around fun designs, there is something for everyone.

Little Bay Boards

Based out of Petoskey, Little Bay Boards has gained a lot of attention for its unique, hollow, all-wood SUP designs.MasterBoardbuilder, Jason Thelen, built his first board as a project for his daughter in 2012. After several years of continued development and increased demand for his boards, in 2017 Jason found a business partner to expand the operation. Not only are the boards beautiful to look at, paddlers report that they provide a very connected feel with water and waves.

BlkBox Surf

BlkBox Surf makes standup paddleboards that are highly prized by elite SUP racers. Founded by Matt Campbell in 2003, BlkBox has lead the industry in innovative board design and high-tech material construction. Based out of Oxford, in the lakes district of SE Michigan, BlkBox designs race, high-performance surf and all-around SUP boards.

Matuli Paddle Surf

Matuli Paddle Surf is all about fun, affordable SUP and surfboard designs. Matuli was founded by the brothers, Chris and Joe Matulis. On a whim, the brothers set out to become lifeguards on the West Coast. After returning to Michigan they started Matuli, a surf and SUP company. Matuli offers a range of boards including fiberglass SUP race and surfboards, soft-top SUP and a youth-oriented soft-top SUP for kids. They also offer an affordable range of freshwater surfboards starting at $200.00.

If there’s a swell on the lakes, odds are Joe and Chris will be finding pristine waves, follow them on Facebook to find some inspiration.


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