Platte River Point Is a Thriving Ecosystem, a Gem

I didn’t plan to stop by Platte River Point today. I was kind of in a hurry to snap a few pics here and there on my way back to town. Summer is a busy time in the North, there’s no doubt about that. The term I have given it is “the northern hustle”. It’s how a lot of people get by up here. It leaves less time to actually stop and admire the surroundings you work so hard to live in. It’s just reality, just because one lives in vacationland, doesn’t mean one is always on vacation. This a fact one must accept. 

After shooting some photos I decided to jump in the Platte estuary for a quick dip. I had been trying to fit in a swim for days. 

I waded, then jumped into the current of the Platte and jogged up the bank on the other side. I was immediately confronted by a small but fearless plover of some sort. There must have been a nest nearby, so I carefully exited along the shore. I made my way across a sandbar island, marveling at the recent formation, with also the realization that it will make a once-a-decade surf break on the right wind swell. 

On the other side of the sandbar I hopped back into the stream bed and tried my luck at swimming against the current. As I made slow headway I noticed a fleet of small creatures crossing the stream. A hooded merganser with 8 (yes 8!) chicks swam around me. They still kept a nervous 30-foot buffer, but I kinda felt “one” with nature!


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